The Hill Article: Hospitals brace for further cyberattacks as C19 cases rise

The cybersecurity of our healthcare sector remains vitally important when we get a vaccine for Covid19 before the end of 2020.

Our heartfelt appreciation to all the cybersecurity professionals and companies who are working to protect our frontline healthcare workers and all patients. Maggie Miller covers the challenges and opportunities in an incisive article for The Hill.

Protecting our Frontline Healthcare Workers

C5 is enormously  grateful to all the many cybersecurity leaders and professionals who are rallying with us to help protect our frontline healthcare workers to combat the pandemic

In this article in “The Hill”, journalist Maggie Miller outlines the collective efforts of information security professionals worldwide, who have come together over the past months to block the efforts of hackers on the healthcare system. We are proud to count C5’s Cyber Alliance to Defend Our Healthcare initiative amongt these efforts.

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4iQ Join the Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare

Thank you to 4iQ who have joined the Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare. 4iQ is offering a free domain watch service for healthcare organizations while they provide frontline care for COVID-19

Identifying exposed credentials to help keep hospitals safe

As the world relentlessly combats the unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic, cyber criminals are now posing new threats to the healthcare industry.  Ransomware, phishing attacks, account takeover (ATO), and business email compromise incidents are ultimately resulting in compromised, sensitive medical data and disruption of healthcare operations. 

4iQ would like to offer a hand to the healthcare industry.  No Commitment or Obligation.  Just a big Thank You for working tirelessly around the clock battling a myriad of challenges while saving lives. 

During this crisis, 4iQ is offering a free service for healthcare organizations:

  • Assess exposed domains and compromised credentials within our proprietary 4iQ IDLake™ 
  • Continue monitoring exposure within deep and dark web sources for 90 days. 
  • Provide subsequent monthly reports to subscribers on new exposures.

We are teaming up with The Collective Cyber Defense for Healthcare, spearheaded by C5 Capital. Together, we are voluntarily providing our products and services to support the healthcare industry in the time of need. 

Sign up now and we will contact you to get started immediately with an initial domain scan.

C5 Impact Partners LP fund leads a successful SeriesA funding round for pioneering datasecurity company Enveil

Secure data is critical for safe and secure cities, the focus of our Impact Partners fund. We are delighted to be partnering with Enveil as the leading homomorphic encryption company to enable cities to use data securely during processing.

C5 Portfolio Company ITC Secure Unveils Enhanced Global Business and Advisory Portfolio

Acquisitions expand C5 Capital-backed ITC’s global reach and cyber advisory capabilities

ITC Secure (ITC), the specialist cyber advisory and managed security service provider (MSSP) has unveiled its new business structure following recent acquisitions of advisory groups in London and Washington D.C. The three business groups are ITC Cyber Advisors, ITC Managed Security Services and US based, ITC Global Advisors.

ITC Cyber Advisors is a specialist cyber security advisory group that helps organisations to understand and manage their security risks. The group focuses on delivering cyber assessments and outcome-oriented consulting that simplifies complex cyber challenges and supports investment choices.

ITC Managed Security Services deliver comprehensive cyber threat intelligence, detection, management and response services by monitoring and managing networks through its UK-based Security Operations Centre.

Washington D.C.-based SBD Advisors have relaunched as ITC Global Advisors. They will continue to focus on connecting private sector innovation to global and national security challenges as well as deliver new services in cyber security and crisis communications.

ITC is a portfolio company of C5 Capital, the leading investment group focused on cyber security, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. ITC is backed by a unique team of individuals from intelligence, enterprise, national security, law enforcement and regulatory organisations.

William Kilmer, Executive Chairman, ITC Secure said, “The enhanced range of capabilities announced today, strengthens our ability to provide strategic information, advisory and managed security services to our customers. We are also broadening the company’s geographic reach into the US market, enhancing our ability to serve existing global customers and to develop new opportunities and offerings for all customers. This breadth of services differentiates ITC from its peers and is instrumental in enabling the company to deliver services to some of the world’s biggest global brands”

About ITC 
ITC Secure provides cyber threat advisory and managed security services to midsize and large enterprise clients. This includes cyber threat intelligence, insider threat analysis, network and user behaviour, vulnerability assessments and the increasing demands around compliance. With capabilities in on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid security, ITC Secure is first choice for some of the world’s biggest and best-known brands.



ITC Secure
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Sophia Casimir

C5 portfolio company IronNet in the top 15 US startup funding rounds in May 2018!

Coming in at # 10. IronNet Cybersecurity $78,000,000 
Round: Series B
Description: IronNet Cybersecurity is a network security company that bridges gap between traditional cybersecurity approaches and evolving threat.
Industry: Computer, Cyber Security, Network Security
Location: Fulton, Maryland
Date of funding: 5/3
Total equity funding: $110,500,000