André Pienaar at the AWS Public Sector Summit 2017

At the AWS Public Sector Summit 2017, held in Washington D.C., André Pienaar joined Max Peterson,
General Manager of World Wide Public Sector of AWS (Amazon Web Services) to discuss cyber security
and André’s thoughts on AWS, along with John Furrier and John Walls.

André explains that when C5 Capital first started investing in cyber security companies, the main
concern was that whether or not the cloud was secure, and if data should be moved. But with
developments and innovation being driven by AWS, André explains that people are now feeling more
secure with holding data in the cloud.

John Furrier considers the impact of the volume of data being amassed today from the likes of smart
cities and autonomous vehicles. André says the sheer volume of data being amassed necessitates new
models for securing and processing data.

With the CIA now adopting the AWS cloud platform, André says this will be a real game changer because
people will see that the US intelligence community have the confidence to feel secure using the AWS
cloud – so he believes other businesses will follow. André says businesses using AWS has become a
badge of quality, and an increasing number of venture capital firms such as C5 are looking for startups
that run on the AWS cloud.