Inaugural Nelson Mandela Lecture

The U.S. Institute of Peace is honouring Nelson Mandela’s life, work, and passion for peace by
establishing the Nelson Mandela Lecture series. Nelson Mandela embodied much of what the USIP
teaches and trains about conflict resolution: an understanding of when and how to negotiate and the
courage to assume the ultimate responsibility for peace.

The inaugural Nelson Mandela Lecture took place on February 28 2018. Keynote speaker, former Deputy
Secretary General of the African National Congress, Cheryl Carolus, said Nelson Mandela’s example
calls nations and political elites to examine their failings in providing justice and hope to people
worldwide. Carolus said, “Nelson Mandela acted in response to the hurt that apartheid and colonialism
inflicted on him. But he understood that his own humanity and his own dignity existed only in the
context of humanity and dignity of all of his people and indeed of humankind”.

Further excerpts from Carolus’ keynote speech are available on the USIP site, along with a video
recording of the event below.

André Pienaar closed the lecture, reinforcing that the USIP is a unique institution with deep knowledge
and expertise of African policy. He then thanked the USIP team for organising the lecture and hopes
that the Nelson Mandela Lecture will go on to take place on an annual basis.