C5 announces the winners of its annual Shield in the Cloud anti-corruption innovation challenge

Washington D.C., March 26 2019: C5 Capital, the specialist venture capital firm focused on cyber security, data analytics and cloud computing, is pleased to announce the winners of its annual, global anti-corruption innovation challenge, Shield in the Cloud.

Now in its second year, the Shield in the Cloud competition is run by C5 Capital’s philanthropic arm the Cloud Leadership Centre and was created to bring together and recognise the best and brightest minds working to innovate the fight against corruption.

There are three anti-corruption innovation categories:

  • Dream Big Shield – recognizing the most innovative start-ups and companies
  • Government Shield – recognizing Government departments and multilateral organizations
  • NFP Shield – recognizing not-for-profits.

There are also two Special Recognition awards, for Bold Leadership and Most Impactful Program.

This year’s winners are:

  • Dream Big Shield: 4iQ, an identity intelligence company on a mission to empower identity protection providers, intel analysts, security researchers, and criminal investigators with capabilities to discover, uncover, and disrupt adversaries and prevent fraud, identity theft, account takeover and cyber espionage
  • NFP Shield: The Governance Lab at New York University, a not-for-profit with the goal of helping institutions to govern more effectively and legitimately through technology
  • Government Shield: The Government of Estonia, for its best practices and leading innovations in the implementation of the National Cloud that enables digital democracy through the provision of services online thereby adding transparency and accountability across Estonian political life
  • Special Recognition – Bold Leadership: This was awarded to two people, Lord Robin Renwick, and the Hon. Chester A. Crocker, in recognition of their bold leadership in good governance and of their work fighting corruption in post conflict societies.  Lord Renwick said: “I was very pleased to participate in the Shield in the Cloud award ceremony and to congratulate the organisers, sponsors and C5 on the contribution they are making to better governance and the fight against corruption.”
  • Special Recognition – Most Impactful Program: The McCain Institute

The winners were selected by an internationally recognized board of judges with a mix of legal, technical and entrepreneurial backgrounds, and were first revealed at the Shield in the Cloud Awards gala last week. At the gala, Robert Zoellick, former president of the World Bank, US Trade Representative, and Deputy Secretary of State, gave a speech on how open data, transparency, and technology can help fight corruption.

He said: “I was delighted to see the sterling examples of the Government of Estonia, the Governance Lab at NYU, as well as 4iQ and look forward ‎to seeing how the Cloud Leadership Centre works with emerging markets in the future.”

Andre Pienaar, C5 Founder, commented: “Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s challenge. It is extremely important that we not only recognise organisations such as these – that are using innovation and technology to combat corruption – for the good work they do, but also that we show policy and decision makers exactly what is possible, and what is already being done.”

Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, Chairman of the Cloud Leadership Centre, commented: “Shield in the Cloud provides an outstanding forum in which to gather world leaders in the field of countering corruption to consider the future of how we overcome this critical challenge facing global society. Honouring these extraordinary awardees offers us a privileged insight into what together we could achieve, scaling their brilliant ideas and initiatives and following their lead.”

The Cloud Leadership Centre thanks its sponsors, SAP NS2, The Longaberger Family Foundation and C5 Capital.


Emily Jones at Hudson Sandler: ejones@hudsonsandler.com / 0207 710 8936

About C5 Capital

C5 Capital Limited (C5) is a specialist venture capital firm, focused on Innovative Technologies in Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. Headquartered in London, C5 also has offices in Washington, Munich, Luxembourg and Bahrain. For more information, visit: www.c5capital.com.

About Cloud Leadership Centre

The Cloud Leadership Centre (CLC) is the philanthropic arm of C5. Its mission is to support digital transformation for positive change.

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