Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare Webinar

Former health care CISO John Ford shares how the Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare has supported healthcare providers in ensuring a robust security posture and outline the tools and tactics at their disposal from the alliance of companies who share the same mission to defend the healthcare sector.

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ITC Secure launches Healthcare Dome with Government of Jersey to protect the UK healthcare sector

ITC Secure today announced the Government of Jersey as the first managed customer onboarded into the UK’s Healthcare Dome, powered by IronNet Cybersecurity’s IronDome solution. This initiative was created by The Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare.

ITC Secure launches Healthcare Dome with Government of Jersey to protect the UK healthcare sector 

ITC Secure leads successful onboarding of the Government of Jersey into the first UK Healthcare Dome, an initiative created by The Cyber Alliance to Defend our HealthcareDecember 09, 2020 03:50 AM Eastern Standard Time

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ITC Secure (ITC), the leading managed security services provider (MSSP), specialist cyber advisory firm and Microsoft Gold partner, today announced the Government of Jersey as the first managed customer to be onboarded into the UK’s first Healthcare Dome, powered by IronNet Cybersecurity’s IronDome solution. This initiative was funded by The Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare.

“We are delighted that JT is able to share a key role alongside ITC in protecting government healthcare services from cyber threats and defending their critical systems throughout the current crisis and beyond.”Tweet this

Following a surge in cyber attacks on UK healthcare systems, providers and laboratories, C5 Capital (C5) formed an alliance of cyber professionals to offer healthcare organisations in the UK, Europe and USA with free access to world-class cyber security solutions. The Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare operates in the UK, Europe and the USA and has 35 cyber security firms who have pledged their support to the industry.

André Pienaar, Founder, C5 Capital said, “The Cyber Alliance came together during Covid19 as a fast-growing cyber security volunteer force assembled in peacetime to protect frontline healthcare workers and the brilliant organisations handling the research and distribution of the vaccine. The new Healthcare Dome based on IronNet’s Collective Defence solution helps to protect the healthcare sector worldwide. We are delighted that the UK and the Government of Jersey have now joined the Healthcare Dome as we go into the critical phase of vaccine distribution worldwide.”

ITC is a proud member of The Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare and leads the rapid response capability, including a Collective Defence framework for members through the Healthcare Dome to collaborate and share cyber threat detections and related information in real time and at machine speed.

Delivered, managed and supported 24 hours a day by ITC’s Security Operations Centre based in London, the solution utilises IronNet’s information sharing technology, IronDome, which brings the first Collective Defence capability to the healthcare industry. The platform, which draws on behavioural analytics and human insights, integrates into ITC’s existing solutions powered by Microsoft, so participants can benefit from end-to-end cyber security.

This announcement formalises the launch of the first UK Healthcare Dome as a Collective Defence framework dedicated to the healthcare sector, with the Government of Jersey successfully onboarded as ITC’s flagship managed customer.

Stuart Powell, CISO, Government of Jersey said, “This initiative is a welcome addition to our security operations, particularly as healthcare providers continue to be targeted by cyber criminals. With ITC’s technical expertise through The Cyber Alliance we are delighted to unlock first class collective threat intelligence and protection for our island’s Health Service.”

Arno Robbertse, Chief Executive, ITC Secure said, “The volume of cyber attacks on our healthcare sector and its supply chain has increased exponentially since February of this year. We want to protect these organisations who are working at the forefront of the epidemic, so they can focus on their mission of defending our communities and preserving the health of our fellow citizens.”

GEN (Ret.) Keith Alexander, co-CEO and Founder, IronNet said, “The Government of Jersey’s commitment to both The Cyber Alliance and the UK Healthcare Dome is evidence of its leadership’s innovative approach to cybersecurity. With ITC’s support, the level of detection and prevention they will get from the unique threat intelligence and insight sharing in IronNet’s Collective Defence platform will give the island’s healthcare system a greater sense of security and allow them to focus on critical care.”

ITC and the Government of Jersey have been working in close collaboration with ITC’s exclusive partner in the Channel Islands, JT Group. The Government of Jersey is the overarching entity of the Health Ministry of Jersey, providing medical services to the islanders of Jersey.

Daragh McDermott, Managing Director, JT Group said, “We are delighted that JT is able to share a key role alongside ITC in protecting government healthcare services from cyber threats and defending their critical systems throughout the current crisis and beyond.”

About ITC Secure:

ITC, backed by C5 Capital, is a full-service cyber security solutions provider founded in 1995 and headquartered in London.

At the heart of ITC’s cyber services is a 24-hour manned Security Operations Centre. From this centre of excellence, ITC’s teams deliver high quality managed security services to help organisations manage the growing complexity of cyber threats and securely support their digital transformation. ITC’s cyber advisors support customers from our London and Washington DC offices, driving cyber security change inside organisations and helping them make the right security investment choices. ITC has over two decades of experience delivering cyber security solutions to organisations in over 180 countries.

ITC is making the digital world a safer place to do business.

Website: / LinkedIn: ITC Secure / Twitter: @ITC_secure

About C5 Capital:

C5 Capital Limited (C5) is a global specialist investment firm that exclusively invests in the secure data ecosystem including cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, and applied data analytics. The firm is dedicated to nurturing a secure digital future and our investment strategy is based on an approach of building long-term relationships with innovative companies that share in our mission.

Website: / LinkedIn: c5-capital / Twitter: @c5capital

About The Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare:

The Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare is a global alliance of cyber professionals who have come together to offer their collective defence of our healthcare providers at this uncertain time, so it can continue to defend us.

Website: Twitter: @CybHealthAllies

The Hill Article: Hospitals brace for further cyberattacks as C19 cases rise

The cybersecurity of our healthcare sector remains vitally important when we get a vaccine for Covid19 before the end of 2020.

Our heartfelt appreciation to all the cybersecurity professionals and companies who are working to protect our frontline healthcare workers and all patients. Maggie Miller covers the challenges and opportunities in an incisive article for The Hill.

Digital Summit Panel- PEWlive

On Wednesday 2nd September I will be a panelist in the Technology Impact Panel at the PEWlive Europe Summit. I look forward to discussing how to achieve Technology Impact in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

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Protecting our Frontline Healthcare Workers

C5 is enormously  grateful to all the many cybersecurity leaders and professionals who are rallying with us to help protect our frontline healthcare workers to combat the pandemic

In this article in “The Hill”, journalist Maggie Miller outlines the collective efforts of information security professionals worldwide, who have come together over the past months to block the efforts of hackers on the healthcare system. We are proud to count C5’s Cyber Alliance to Defend Our Healthcare initiative amongt these efforts.

Read full article here >>

4iQ Join the Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare

Thank you to 4iQ who have joined the Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare. 4iQ is offering a free domain watch service for healthcare organizations while they provide frontline care for COVID-19

Identifying exposed credentials to help keep hospitals safe

As the world relentlessly combats the unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic, cyber criminals are now posing new threats to the healthcare industry.  Ransomware, phishing attacks, account takeover (ATO), and business email compromise incidents are ultimately resulting in compromised, sensitive medical data and disruption of healthcare operations. 

4iQ would like to offer a hand to the healthcare industry.  No Commitment or Obligation.  Just a big Thank You for working tirelessly around the clock battling a myriad of challenges while saving lives. 

During this crisis, 4iQ is offering a free service for healthcare organizations:

  • Assess exposed domains and compromised credentials within our proprietary 4iQ IDLake™ 
  • Continue monitoring exposure within deep and dark web sources for 90 days. 
  • Provide subsequent monthly reports to subscribers on new exposures.

We are teaming up with The Collective Cyber Defense for Healthcare, spearheaded by C5 Capital. Together, we are voluntarily providing our products and services to support the healthcare industry in the time of need. 

Sign up now and we will contact you to get started immediately with an initial domain scan.

Hackers ‘Without Conscience’ Demand Ransom From Health Providers – Bloomberg Article

“We have now seen a number of instances where clinical labs involved in testing, or major hospitals, have suffered ransomware attacks, where all their IT systems have been knocked down.”

Read the full article: Link to Bloomberg Article

At a time when health-care providers are struggling to handle an influx of patients suffering from Covid-19, medical facilities in the U.S. and Europe have seen a surge of ransomware attacks, as criminal groups seek to exploit the crisis to hit the sector when it’s at its most vulnerable.

It is with a spirit of support for our healthcare providers fighting the on frontlines of this epidemic that C5 has created an alliance of cybersecurity companies, to provide free assistance to hospitals and clinics in the U.K. and Europe.